A Brief History of Omega Watches

Louis Brandt is the person responsible for producing this line of luxury watches. He started it all more than a century ago and sold it to people all over the world from a small workshop. Hence, a brief history of Omega watches would always include that guy. Unfortunately, he passed away thirty years later after he introduced the brand and his sons took over. In 1894, they launched the Omega Caliber and it is such a coincidence that it is where they actually got the name for the brand. You know naming a brand is so hard that you know you must dig deep inside your mind for some ideas. There are some instances that would make it pretty successful and you would always trace it back to all the nice materials that they used to make each and every watch.

When it comes down to going under the sea, then Omega has the Seamaster. With this watch, you won’t mind going under the sea with it. Believe it or not, it was introduced to the public during the brand’s 100th year anniversary and it is such a great way to celebrate. It is only a sign that only good things would come for this brand. As a matter of fact, the Seamaster appeared on the wrist of James Bond himself during the 1990s. You may be able to trade one of your luxury watches in for this model at The Boutique Manchester. This would go to show how far they’ve reached as it is becoming a huge trend for James Bond actors to wear trending watches. It did not take too long before they became the official watch of James Bond. All their hard work and dedication surely paid off and we all know how iconic of a character that James Bond is. Even though his movies are pretty much predictable, all eyes are on the things that James Bond uses including the gadgets he uses in order to catch the bad guys. Of course, he won’t be able to do it without the person making those things.

It is awesome how Omega became the official timekeeper of so many sporting events back in 1905 at Switzerland. Up until this day, the brand became the timekeeper for so many brands that you know that they are doing so good when the Olympic committee themselves believe in such a huge brand such as this. It was not long before they took it to the next level. From there, the brand escalated into popularity as it would become apparent that their models can be used for a variety of purposes. In fact, 1962 saw the Speedmaster being used for a mission to space and NASA themselves saw to it that Omega got the recognition that they deserve. It was the same Speedmaster that was responsible for helping the crew of Apollo 13 get home safely. When you are out in space, you can be very nervous no matter how much you practiced back on Planet Earth. one thing is for sure, the Speedmaster was a huge help to them all.

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